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Instead of Black Friday shopping, my youngest daughter and I went to beach, and then to my nieces house, to sew all weekend.

The sun was a bit bright! And Chilly.  It is always fun to walk on the beach, and Shirley is good company.  After a walk on the beach and a warm lunch we headed up the hill to Drift Creek Camp.








Looking at our supplies you would think there were a lot of people ready to sew.  Nope!  Just four adults and two cute little girls.  The picture with the featherweight sewing machine is my sewing station.  I also had an empty table behind me to use.  It was wonderful.

A huge thank you goes to Josh (my niece’s husband) for setting up our sewing tables, cutting tables, and ironing station.




Each year we work on a group project.  This year it was these paper pieced hats that are from a Kimberbell book.  We enlarged the hat to make a wall hanging. My sister and I chose to make Santa hats while our daughters make Halloween hats.  We also worked on Christmas presents……So I can’t post those pictures.  But I will say they are really cute.







Even Maddie and Ruby got in on the act.  They helped their mom make a Christmas present.  Maddie, the older of the two, had asked me to bring fabrics for doll pillows.  Between Grandma and Mom both girls got to pick out their fabrics and ended up with a pillow and a doll quilt.

It was fun to hear the girls while helping and telling why they wanted the fabrics they chose.  Maddie made my scrappy heart smile when she was helping clean up part of the cutting table and was saying “This is a scrap, we keep scrapes.  This is too little, we can throw it away.”  I looked over just to see what she was throwing away…… It was a skinny piece less than an inch wide that had been trimmed off a project.  I think we have a future scrap quilter!!



What a great way to spend a weekend. Family, laughter, music, good food, and sewing.  For me it was more fun than shopping, and the crowds of a holiday weekend.

Until Later…… Quilt Fearless my friends.