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Welcome to Fearless Quilter.  What does it mean to be a Fearless Quilter?  For me it meant trying a quilt that my friend said was too hared for a beginner. She suggested a rail fence or maybe a nine patch. Something easy to get my feet wet. But those didn’t call my name. After all, I have been sewing for a long time. I know how to sew a straight or curved line.  How hard can it be?  LOL

So, I began my hunt for a pattern that called out to me.

At the time my youngest daughter loved white tigers, so when I saw the Bigfork Bay Cotton Company’s fusible applique tiger herd, well let’s just say it really called my name! But this crazy person couldn’t follow their colors, my daughter loved white tigers after all.  My daughter and I hunted for just the right colors for her tiger.  My friend shook her head and said ok.  I think she thought I had lost my mind, but she helped me hunt for fabrics and encouraged me along the way.  I had issues along the way but when the quilt was finished and hanging on my daughter’s bedroom wall, I felt wonderful.  From the doorway all those oop’es faded away.  Best of all my daughter loved it.  My friend liked it too.

Since then I have made many quilts. Some easy, some not so easy.  I have tried many techniques and most I have liked.  If I didn’t like a particular technique, I learned something from the journey.

Now I make displays for a local Quilt Shop.  This has helped me improve my skills and has also taught me to work with new techniques and color combinations I might not have tried on my own.  It is fun to walk through the shop and hear people comment on the work I have done.

I enjoy helping others along their quilting journey.  Maybe we will work on a quilt together, or look at patterns, or figure out just the right sewing gift to give to someone.  I hope you will come along on a fearless quilting journey with me.

Until next time, Quilt Fearless my Friends.